The only time I will ever write about politics

This is totally off-topic for the blog, but I couldn’t resist! Our eldest daughter had the opportunity to attend a speech given by Barack Obama in El Dorado, Kansas. This is a historic event, particularly since Kansas has been routinely ignored in Presidential primaries. She filed in with the rest of the attendees, after waiting a loooong time in the cutting wind and blowing snow. She was just settling in to a nice seat not too far back and to one side, and after picking ice bits out of her hair stood up to fold her coat and use it as a seat cushion. She was in the right place at the right time, because the people who decide about these things were evidently scanning the crowd just then for people to fill in seats on the stage. They approached her to ask if she and the colleague she was with wanted to move up. They were then seated on one end of the stage, and were delighted with this development, when she was asked to move to the center. So there she sits, with her unmistakable red hair.

Obama in Kansas

However the election turns out, this was a very memorable day for one young woman!

(The photo is from the Barack Obama blog. Thanks!)

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