My eyes are too big for my… schedule?

Yesterday I finished the cotton blend Harald socks! Yay!! How many minutes ticked by before I started on the next pair of socks? None. And the day before, in anticipation of finishing that one project, I cast on and started swatching for my unnamed mittens. Anything wrong with this picture? Let’s see… one large cardigan in progress, finish one project and start two more. I guess your answer depends on whether you’re a knitter!

When I was a kid, it was always rather a special occasion when we went to a restaurant. One of my favorites was Seven Seas in Wichita (Kansas), on Douglas just west of Hydraulic. They had a buffet/smorgasbord, and I always got more food than I could eat. I remember my mother repeatedly telling me two things about my eating habits: “You don’t eat enough to keep a bird alive” and, in the above mentioned situation, “Your eyes are too big for your stomach”. I always argued with the first one, but she sure nailed me with the second one. Some habits die hard.

Looking back on those Seven Seas dinners, it is actually quite probable that at some point I saw across the room a boy a bit older than myself who would one day become my husband. It’s a funny thing to think about having seen your future spouse a good ten years before you met…

Panda socks

But I digress. Here are the two new projects I couldn’t resist. The sock yarn is Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in Fall Herbs colorway. I bought it in October along with the First Sweater yarn and some Trekking XXL at Gove City Yarns (Love that place! Go there if you can!). I got my Ravelry invite while I was on that trip, and added this yarn to my stash… actually, it’s the ONLY yarn in my stash there. I was disappointed that the colors didn’t come out better in that photo. Anyway, I decided on a broken/diagonal rib pattern for the socks. I certainly wouldn’t want the lovely color changes to compete with a complex pattern, but wanted something just a teeny more interesting to knit than plain rib. I just noticed how the colors match this pillow… when I first saw the yarn, I thought it was an unlikely but pleasing color combination. Guess I forgot how I fell for this tapestry fabric on sight! (The fabric happens to be a souvenir from a trip to Chicago. I didn’t see any yarn shops.)

Inviting office corner

On another side note, I snapped these pictures in my office. The lighting is good, and the slipcovered chair makes a great neutral background. I couldn’t resist backing off a bit for another photo, so you can see what this corner of the office looks like. What a perfect spot for knitting!! Too bad that never happens. I have to work when I’m there.

Unnamed mittens

And then there are the mittens. I bought this yarn at Twist with a gift certificate from my wonderful husband. That perfect gift was totally un-hinted for!! The yarns are Jawoll Superwash and a blue semisolid Trekking XXL. The pattern is currently under construction, but is inspired by Selbu mittens, with the main design for the back of the hand adapted from the chart for Knot a Hat. I did left- and right-handed designs, and plan for a fairly deep ribbed cuff and a yet-to-be-determined pattern for the palm and thumb.

So, any guesses on how long it’s going to take me to finish any of these projects? Or better yet, how long I’ll be able to resist casting on for yet another one!?!?

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