I’m taking two whole weeks of vacation!! Vacating work, that is, not home. Everyone else is working as usual, so I’ll have time at home to get some things done. Like sleeping in, knitting, working in my neglected flower and herb garden, building some back steps, finally replacing the carding cloth on my drum carder, getting an electrician to wire the barn, reading, maybe even playing with my hammered dulcimer while no one else can hear the missed notes. Among other things, like baby-bouncing, attempting to cool off the rabbits in triple-digit heat, and even (perish the thought) some housecleaning and organizing.

I obviously have unrealistic expectations… but I’m perfectly aware of that, and will decide each day which thing is most important to me. We’ll see at the end of it what got done and what had to be put off for another time!

Progress on Ithlilen:

Ithilien Brocade Jacket today

Ithilien Brocade Jacket today

And one of my other current projects:

"I'll Decide When I Get There" Summer Top

"I'll Decide When I Get There" Summer Top

This started out as the Perfect Periwinkle Turtleneck Tube Vest from Fitted Knits, but about 10 inches into it, I realized I’d made a mistake way back there. And I wasn’t happy with my modifications, either, so I ripped it all out. Taking the same basic idea, I started from the bottom, which will give me time to decide as I work my way up what I will do at the armholes and neckline. A procrastinator’s delight!

Although given my current infatuation with Ithilien, I may not get to those decision points until, say, Christmas. At which time I can reasonably let it hibernate over the winter, since I won’t be able to wear it until summer anyhow, right? Then again, I can still surprise myself, so maybe I will pick it up again soon for some mindless knitting as a respite from the colorwork!

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  1. KiniaCat says:

    2 weeks of vacation, hmmmm?
    Are you entered in any of the Ravelympic events?
    I went a bit nuts and I only have a couple of days off in the next week.
    I expect you’ll have much more sense!!
    Enjoy all your projects – knitted and otherwise!

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