Holiday feasting of all sorts

We’re all familiar with the dilemma of holiday goodies, whether it’s the traditional big dinners or the traditional gifting and sharing of candies, snacks and baked items.  Way too much to eat, and all of it tempting!  Self-control is the watchword for those who understand the dangers of overindulgence.  Perhaps it’s too bad that there aren’t really any dangerous side effects from the sensory feast of new yarn…

I do not have a large stash of yarn, as these things go, but it grew some more just now when I wasn’t looking.  The problem is, my ‘free’ time is NOT growing.  And the ideas are.  When in the world am I going to be able to turn these balls and skeins into the garments I see in my head??

Okay, let’s take the new stuff in turn.  Mind you, I currently have one sweater, a scarf, and a pair of socks on the needles.  Oh, and some cute miniature socks, but those hardly count, since they’re finished so fast, and are made from leftovers anyhow.

Teeny socks

And next in line (except that it is lobbying hard to get ahead of the other sweater – I have been flirting with swatches) is the lovely red wool destined to become a cabled sweater.  I could point out the place I was driving on the highway when that one leaped into existence in my mind’s eye, a detailed design, full-grown at birth like Venus.  It’s the actual writing of the pattern that is taking time.  Not to mention the knitting.

Now for the new stuff.

1) Here’s the yarn I finally finished spinning over the holidays:

The last bobbin, just before plying.

I bought the fiber in the late summer of 2006, then planned the spinning and sorted it all out right away.  Every once in a while I get organization right!  The actual spinning sessions were very sporadic, with long hibernations in between each flurry of activity.  In spite of that, the skeins are pretty consistent.  This yarn is destined to become a sleeveless top, probably with a scoop neckline to wear with a paua shell necklace that I need to make.  A nice, simple garment to show off the fabulous color and sheen of the fiber.

Finished “Paua Shell” yarn

This is Bonkers 50/50 Tencel/Merino blend in Dragonfly colorway, purchased at The Yarn Barn in Lawrence, Kansas.  I know, this isn’t technically new, but as a project’s-worth of yarn, it is.

2) Here’s my Christmas gift yarn:

Dream In Color "Starry" in Bermuda Teal

This is the gorgeous Starry in Bermuda Teal, by Dream In Color.  Yes, that sparkly stuff is actually sterling silver!!  I haven’t seen a picture yet that can do it justice, but still, I DARE YOU to look at that and not drool!  I was originally planning to make a pair of socks, but could not bear the idea of walking on it.  So, using a (non-Christmas) gift card, I ordered a couple of skeins in the same color of the companion non-silvery yarn, Smooshy, to knit an elegant cardigan.

3) I also included in that order a skein of Starry in natural white from Simply Socks Yarn Company.  And I ordered this pattern: Starry, Starry Night.  Serendipity?  Or kismet?  We’ll never know, but that yarn and that pattern were obviously meant for each other!  Sure, I considered using the teal yarn for it, but I will wear it more often in white, and we have to be practical about these things.

4) And finally, I got a call today from Yarn that the Lana Gatto VIP that I ordered last fall had finally arrived!  I had been content to wait however long it took to produce more, since I had plenty of projects to keep me busy.   But no, it had to arrive on top of everything else!  This is the first cashmere (20%) yarn that I’ve purchased, and would never have sprung for a whole bag of it, except… a gift certificate, the generous prize for the state fair win.  Thank you again, Deb and the staff at Yarn!

Sooo soft! 80% fine wool, 20% cashmere

I think this one will have to wait a while.  I think.  Again, the design for this sweater has been rattling around in my head for a few months.  It took some time to grow, but is pretty firm by now.  The blue Rowan Damask will be part of it, too.

Rats.  I really want to get started on it.  Self-control stinks sometimes.

At least I am in no danger of getting bored.

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