Cables on my mind

I despair of ever learning to say “No”. But although I do let myself in for more work that way, it usually more than balances out with fun!

This time, it was volunteering to teach a 1-hour class at our local community college’s “Free College Class Day”.  My eldest daughter told me they were looking for instructors, and since knitting was a topic that had been requested, she seemed to think I was just the person.  After contemplating the possibilities and limitations, I submitted a proposal for “Cable Knitting Techniques”.  It was accepted, and I’m scheduled for not one, but two sessions.  It’s aimed at knitters who are ready to try cables for the first time, or who like cables but are looking for some inspiration.

So I’m down to putting it together for real, and getting a couple of handouts to the event coordinator for printing.  This will be a ‘moderate-tech’ presentation, with some hands-on time at the end; I’ve settled on creating a wiki so people will be able to access it later.  Once it’s finished, I’ll post the link here, too.

My own cable projects are coming along nicely!  Here’s my progress to date on Lessa:


... and front.

The color is miserably washed out, but I had to take the lighting as it was.  Actually, the proportions look rather odd, but it does fit me so far.  The angled braid cables are just starting to curve down into ‘princess seam’ shape, so after a few more rows, it might look better.

Now, lest you think I knit only complex projects, here’s my latest finished object:

iPod sock

I lost the iPod sock I made from Kool-Aid dyed demonstration yarn, probably blown away in a parking lot.  So I took eight of the nine background colors I used in the Ithilien Brocade Jacket and held two yarns together, changing one color at a time for a more subtle gradation.  (The lighting in this picture doesn’t really show the glowing glass button in greens and blues.)  I’m ridiculously pleased with this little item!

And now just one more picture.

Meet Phoenix, a baby black otter Mini Rex doe.  This picture was taken on March 8th, exactly four years after her sire was rescued from the prairie fire that swept through our place and burned our barn to the ground (among other losses).  He was one of only four survivors, snatched from certain death by our brave daughter.  Phoenix is a little symbol of hope and recovery.  We are everlastingly grateful for our many blessings and our many friends.

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  1. Anne says:

    Lessa looks beautiful – You should take that with you as a demo model for your class!

    Such a cute girl-bunny! Look at those pink ears!

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