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How’s your math?

Mine’s a little rusty, too, but I can put pencil to paper and get what I need. (Shades of high school algebra – I could get the answers right, just not the way they wanted me to!) But there are … Continue reading

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Swatching is kind of like dating

I’ve been knitting swatches obsessively diligently with this Ithilien design, and it occurs to me that perhaps I’m staving off the next level of commitment. You know, figuring the precise number of stitches to cast on and then just doing … Continue reading

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Duct tape armor???

No, just an offbeat way to get good measurements! I’m almost ready to start the detailed-sketch phase of Ithilien Brocade pattern making. Of course, I could get out the measuring tape and start writing down the numbers. And most of … Continue reading

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Standard size measurements

Do you have a great idea for a sweater, but don’t know how to make sure it’s going to fit the way you envision it? Well, there is help for you! I like and use my copy of Ann Budd’s … Continue reading

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