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High-Tech Textiles

These days, lanolin may not be the only thing in wool that makes your skin soft, and wearing silver doesn’t just mean jewelry! Some people will remember predictions about ‘clothes of the future’ that would never need to be laundered … Continue reading

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2010 State Fair results

Lessa did make it to the fair! I finished the sleeves and got it washed and blocked in plenty of time.  Okay, so it was just a teeny bit damp when I left the house, but it was dry by … Continue reading

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Holiday feasting of all sorts

We’re all familiar with the dilemma of holiday goodies, whether it’s the traditional big dinners or the traditional gifting and sharing of candies, snacks and baked items.  Way too much to eat, and all of it tempting!  Self-control is the … Continue reading

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Ithilien finishing details

As I was closing in on finishing the Ithilien Brocade Jacket, I was finally faced with some decisions that had been pretty easy to put off until that point.  I knew generally where I wanted to go with it, but … Continue reading

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