Dye Day 2018

The Guild’s last meeting of the (September – May) year is traditionally Dye Day, and 2018 was no exception.  The only instructions are for everyone to make sure their fiber/yarn/fabric already wet, and to bring whatever equipment and dyes they’d like to share – and there’s no telling what will show up!

We expect a range of natural and acid dyes; there’s usually an indigo pot (thanks to Nancy S), and this year we had cochineal and onion skins, and likely some others I missed.  There was a wide range of acid dyes ready to squirt on bamboo socks, and other pots and crock pots gently steaming.  The possibilities were endless, and we had a fun – and slightly messy – day!

And then there was lunch… Marnette somehow managed to outdo herself with delicious Irish stew, and the side dishes and desserts perfectly rounded out the meal.

But no doubt about it, the best surprise this year was a tiny ewe lamb to cuddle and bottle feed!

Oh, yes… there was a business meeting.  The current officers were re-elected, and plans for summer classes for the Fiber Arts Center were discussed.  One idea that took off immediately was to offer a one-week Fiber Camp for kids; plans are moving forward at speed, and when they are complete, we will post information here!

Just a quick question…

…or five, actually!  We would appreciate your help with designing our class offerings.  Our online survey will be open through June 30th.  speech bubblesWe can’t promise to fulfill everyone’s wishes, but we will be better able to give it a shot if we know what your wishes are!!

And we’re sweetening the pot with a random drawing after the survey closes, from those who choose to enter.  Whether you give us your name or not, we truly appreciate your responses.

A special thanks goes out to Butler Community College, which is graciously hosting the survey and providing the results!