Ithilien progress, a week later

Just a quick couple of photos to show some actual progress… I’m closing in on 2 inches in length, and it is starting to look like the real thing!

Leaf pattern

Leaf pattern

You can see how the background colors here are shading from green through blue. I’m on the sixth of nine colors, and am happy with the subtlety of the color changes. I’m not sure the purples will be quite as smooth, but it was pretty difficult finding just the right colors! I ended up with yarns from three different companies: Brown Sheep’s Nature Spun, KnitPicks’ Palette, and JaggerSpun Heather 2/8. All are fingering weight, 100% wool.

Center back cable

Center back cable

This picture shows the beginning of the center back cable. It starts out about 3 inches wide, then gradually narrows and flows into an inch-wide panel (identical to the front bands) that extends to the neckline. The same triangular-shaped cable element at each side pretty much takes care of the waist shaping. But unlike the back, those will taper off to points and disappear. Did you notice the new stitch markers? The dragons had to go… they are now available for other projects. I found a variety of antique gold colored charms in my jewelry-making stash, leaf and celtic knot shapes (perfect!) and paired them with freshwater pearls for some knitting needle jewelry. Too bad the nice shine of the pearl was blasted by the camera flash.

P.S. – I couldn’t stand the white yarn provisional cast on any longer. I carefully pulled it out and slipped the live stitches on a strand of yarn. Now it is SO much flatter and easier to work with!

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  1. heidi says:

    I really like the way this one is coming along! The colour changes are so subtle that I had to look really close at the jacket to see them, while I could see them quite clearly on the swatches:)

    I must say that I’m really looking forward to see this one will look finished:)

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