I am a native Kansan, and love living on the prairie – in spite of the weather extremes and occasional prairie fires we have to deal with (which can certainly make life interesting).  That extreme weather also includes extremely beautiful days!!

I’ve been spinning, dyeing and knitting for a few decades now, but there have been some pretty long stretches when I needed to step away from fiber pursuits.  I have watched trends come and go, and sometimes come back again.

In fiber, as with my day job as a library technology consultant, there are always new things to learn.  Or, since making textiles has been around almost as long as the human race, old things to learn more about.

Everything in our world is connected in some way, and other interests (family, gardening, raising rabbits, reading, history…) seem to intertwine into a fascinating whole that always includes some new discovery.

The images above are from my blog posts, representing a few of my experiences.  I hope that my sharing them may inspire you to make some new connections of your own!