Is there a presentation in your future?

If so, you might consider using Prezi!

PreziSitePrezi is a service that offers free and paid options for creating online presentations. This is not your mother’s PowerPoint! While there are similarities, Prezi is more dynamic and less linear in nature than PowerPoint and its clones.

Prezi is not without its limitations, though… you can create a pdf to use as a handout, but each view is a whole page.¬† There are not that many shapes and drawing options to choose from, but the design is still quite flexible. Resulting presentations can be very eye-catching (or downright dizzying, if the creator gets carried away), and may keep an audience more engaged than a predictable PowerPoint.

All presentations created with the free version are publicly accessible, and carry the Prezi logo. Paid versions allow the user to limit access and to use their own logo, and the Pro version comes with downloadable ‘desktop’ software so it can be used completely offline.

All licenses also provide a nice variety of ways to save or share the presentations:


And here’s a sample Prezi, which I created in class while learning to use it!

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