Running with needles

David Babcock

David Babcock

Knitting and running aren’t exactly a natural pairing, but one marathon runner decided that he could put that road time to good use by knitting – keeping his feet, his hands and his brain all busy!

David Babcock, a graphic design professor from Missouri, learned to knit around the  time that he started running, three years or so ago – and then worked out the logistics for doing them simultaneously.

During the recent race in Kansas City, he smashed the previous record – yes, there is at least one other person in the world who knit-runs competitively!

He uses his talents for good by actively promoting donations to Alzheimer’s research, and has certainly attracted a lot of attention everywhere he has appeared!

Anyone who is inclined to support his efforts, even in a small way, can do so by visiting the ALZ Stars site.


It doesn’t get much more inventive and motivated than this!


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