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Running with needles

Knitting and running aren’t exactly a natural pairing, but one marathon runner decided that he could put that road time to good use by knitting – keeping his feet, his hands and his brain all busy! David Babcock, a graphic … Continue reading

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Possibly the perfect travel knitting project

Any dedicated knitter will tell you that planning travel knitting is at least as important as planning which clothes and accessories to pack!  Everyone has their own criteria for travel projects, but the main considerations are pattern and/or stitch complexity … Continue reading

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Norwegian TV: backlash against reality shows?

Perhaps you have heard of the “slow food” movement, which began as an effort to counteract “fast food”, which in many ways is symbolic of the modern lifestyle. Norway’s NRK television network appears to be taking this idea into another … Continue reading

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Is there a presentation in your future?

If so, you might consider using Prezi! Prezi is a service that offers free and paid options for creating online presentations. This is not your mother’s PowerPoint! While there are similarities, Prezi is more dynamic and less linear in nature … Continue reading

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