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Swatching is kind of like dating — 2 Comments

  1. “Sock yarns are for actual socks. They don’t have to have an intended recipient or pattern before they are purchased, and don’t count against a knitter as stash. They live outside of stash designations.”

    Yes, of course! This makes such perfect sense that I should have realized it ages ago. I will have to employ this feat of logic Saturday.

  2. I think I’m a “speed dater” when it comes to swatching. I make a little swatch, figure it’s great, and jump right in. Many times I find that I should have made a bigger swatch! But the commitment is there; I just have to start over.

    I don’t stash much either. Just the occasional sock yarn. And I’m not a big sock knitter. It just feels like a smaller commitment than a sweater’s worth!

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