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One week down, one to go — 3 Comments

  1. Grin. Okay. I thought I bought it before you were born! I’m editing it to say “20 some-odd years ago”. Is that better?

  2. Snort/giggle…drying fishing lures. Too funny.
    I know, it was necessary, but the idea of “drying” fishing lures.
    I had a boyfriend who was a bass-a-holic.
    I know some about tournaments and lures. The shiny ones, the rubber-worm ones, single hook, multiple hooks (ouch), etc, etc.
    Then there was the flies he tied for trout fishing. Pretty spiffy – even I could catch a trout limit on those flies. (I didn’t actually do real fly fishing, though – just lake fishing)
    Bass…not-a-one. Caught some crawdads though.

    Wow – educational opportunity for me on the drum carder…didn’t know they could be undressed, but it makes sense. Good luck with the staple remover…

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