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  1. What a lovely concept and a nice way to honor and celebrate Miss Harlow. It sounds like you had a grand and very special trip. I’m a bit speechless.
    The last photo in the sunlight is especially nice…
    Just lovely.

  2. It was so wonderful to meet you and your fabulous family in person, Sharon! Thanks again for the wine, too. I’m savoring it slowly and toasting you and Harlean with each delicious sip. 🙂 xoxo

    • George – I’m delighted that you like the pictures! And yes, it was a very memorable time. We were privileged to return this year; if you haven’t already, you might like to read that post, and click on over to my Jean Harlow site for more pictures of those events.

  3. This is amazing i just came across this so grateful for all involved in this presentation im a big Jean Harlow fan have many pictures of her in my home and have researched her for many years I just want to thank all of you I think Harlean would be flattered that after all these years she’s remembered and loved by so many thanks again

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