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Beverly Royce and serendipity — 6 Comments

  1. I am sooo happy for you, boyh for your visit to Claire & your wonderful find.

    I certainly hope you were able to foto Claire & yourself. I
    wonder if He would appreciate knowing that you of all people
    now has ownership of Beverly’ notes. I think He would be especially pleased!

  2. I knew Bev & Clare, met them in 1981 at EZ Knitting Camp, they camped at the lake, my DH & DD camped there too while I stayed in the dorm.
    I went to the 2nd Spinoff retreat with Bev, I flew to KS, Bev drove to Co, after the retreat we went to OK, Bev was a treat to know.
    I have the Notes on Double Knitting that you found , mine Bev gifted me.
    Next time you see Clare please tell him Sue & Bob in NY were asking for him.

  3. Dear PrairieSpinner,
    I have been trying to contact Clair – to no avail.
    Do you have his current address and/or phone number?
    If so, please send it to my email address…
    With thanks, Meg

  4. I was wondering if anyone remembered Beverly. I met her at one of Elizabeth’s knitting camps. We became friends and she gave me an autographed copy of her self published books. If I remember correctly this was when she was first introducing her method in the book. Now I have two of the books as my mother bought one also. Hers is marked up as she tried to learn the technique but mine is just as she gave it to me. I often use the technique when working items that are too small for circular needles.

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