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Some old tools to ring in the new year — 9 Comments

  1. Very cool find! The weird curvy one looks a bit like a tool I used once in a wheelthrowing class. There were all sorts of silly-looking tools for creating textures/stripes/whatever on clay . . .

    • Say, it does rather look like a clay tool, doesn’t it? (I’ve done a bit of wheel thrown pottery in my time, too, and used a wide variety of odd tools.) But I don’t think it was intended for that use. It seems a little too… hmm… genteel. Still, that’s one more idea than I came up with!

    • That’s a possibility! Although it does seem a bit large… is that a nail cleaner? The blunt one is a cuticle pusher, but this is too pointy for that. (I’m showing my ignorance again. Obviously, I don’t frequent nail salons!)

      • My friend spotted the third one down & we’re thinking nalbinding tool that looks like this one — dang it own’t paste the pic. Try to google that word & you will see pics, one with pink yarn & one with green — when you enlarge, there is a very similar tool.
        Cheers, Lin

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